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Why should you buy British?

There is a growing demand to buy British but do you know where to find true British made products?

Between January and April this year, over 1,000 people where asked by campaign group Make it British  if they would be willing to pay more for British-made products compared to buying a similar product made outside the UK. The response was staggering.

Just over 90% of shoppers said they would be willing to pay more for British-made goods. This study, the biggest of its kind, shows that there’s a growing desire among Brits to buy locally – fuelled, perhaps, by the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

This research revealed that since Brexit, half of all shoppers are trying to buy more British-made products. And that people think products made in the UK are better quality and worth paying more for: 77% said that if they knew a product was made in Britain, they would believe it to be of good quality.

By buying British you are also making the products greener and reducing your carbon foot print without the need to ship goods hundreds if not thousands of miles around the world.

At all our bases and mattresses are handmade in Yorkshire by a skilled work force. We feel the quality of these products is far superior to machine made products and these can be truly made to your requirements. Does that mean that there maybe a slight price increase, yes of course but you are paying for this workmanship and skill and a better quality of product.


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